Our Investment Manifesto

Relentless entrepreneurs, backed by a community of experienced supporters, will build iconic and enduring companies that will advance our nation.

We seek to ignite
the Brazilian
startup ecosystem

We are an investment fund focused on Brazilian companies that seek to transform the market through technology. We like to partner with founders at the seed stage and support them throughout their growth. We are a partnership managed and funded by entrepreneurs and operators.

How we operate

We are an operator fund: Our partners are technology and investment entrepreneurs that have first-hand experience – and battle scars – from building and scaling products, teams, and organizations. We know how challenging and rewarding the journey is, and we'd love to share it with you if you'll give us a seat in your rocket ship.

Our Investors include:

  • Some of the most renown investors in Brazilian assets
  • Sophisticated US families and institutional investors
  • Successful entrepreneurs and venture capital leaders

How we see the world

There is a meaningful funding gap at the seed stage in Brazil. No investor is fully focused on it, and entrepreneurs unduly suffer because of it. Filling this gap is the opportunity Canary is focused on. We believe that the seed stage is the best time to start a long-term relationship with a founder, especially in a young startup ecosystem as is the case with Brazil today.

We believe this ecosystem is at a tipping point. The quality of founding teams is world-class and improving at an accelerating pace, the entrepreneurial mindset is permeating universities and younger generations, and our nation's top talents are starting their own businesses instead of looking for traditional jobs.

All over the world technology is changing the way people do business and live their lives. Brazil is no different. Every major industry and company will be transformed in the next decade, and this transformation will be ushered in by fearless leaders and entrepreneurs.

We are at a crossroad, and the outcome of this confluence of factors is clear to us: In the next few years we will witness the birth and coming of age of our generation's great companies.